Redefining the Practice of Family Law Since 1949

Trope and Trope LLP is the largest, most successful, and most prestigious family law firm in California. Since our founding in 1949, we have assisted clients in marriage dissolution, child custody, child and spousal support, paternity, and complex financial and property division matters. Our firm is:

  • Established — Sorrell Trope pioneered the team concept in marriage dissolution litigation and the firm made its mark with multiple landmark decisions that shaped the course of California family law.
  • Effective — The system of client care we pioneered allows us to provide individual attention to clients and tailor our attorneys’ diverse skills and styles to deliver maximum efficiency at reasonable costs during a process that most clients find both intellectually and emotionally challenging.
  • Enterprising — Our firm consciously strives to nurture young legal talent to become tenacious family law attorneys. Accolades earned testify to our success.